The Trail

When the wind blows, you remain steadfast upon the land, 

guiding fellow travelers to wherever they need to go 

When the wind blows, I lean against it,

wavering in indecision, uncertain of any committed direction,

until I’m shifted toward a new perspective 

Even the uncertainty of the wind has its purpose 

Walking the trail alone I sometimes hear the voice of fellow travelers to follow their lead

But I long to return to the pace of peace and walk within your presence 

Trusting the trail to guide me, will be the most profound wisdom you share 

Watching the seasons cascade between the life cycle of humanity 

you lay witness to all the changes around you, 

 content with the unchanging plot you were given 

If only I could be more like you, open and determined, stretching beyond what I can see

Accepting the twists and turns as part of the journey, and not apart from it

Not knowing your agenda is the only sure thing I know 

Your invitation of hope is what keeps me alive,

There is purpose to your path, a purpose invisible to me 

That keeps me following your lead until there are no more steps to take