Time and Sunshine

Time and sunshine, they guide our days, telling us when to rise and when to fall, while we fill in the liminal space in between. Burning daylight and wasting time are simple sayings that motivate us to make the most of these resources. It’s easy to get lost in their presence, as one shines over our shoulder with its infinite possibilities, and the other reminds us the end is near. But what would one be without the other, an uneven scale, a tilt of the earth.

I’ve felt the warm embrace of abundant sunshine, endured moments with too much time on my hands, and some days felt there’s not enough of either. We’ve faced each other down in the middle of the day, daring for one to look the other way. We’ve wrestled under the restless cover of night until peace settled into place, sometimes an endless battle of who will win, time always does.

This relationship with time and sunshine consumes my thoughts, making me consider how I spend my days under their influence. And just as I surrender into this silent contemplation, a glint of sunlight reflecting upon the fencepost catches my eye, flirting with me to watch it kiss the day goodbye. It knows my sweet spot, the silent farewell to the passing of another day, where time dissolves into the horizon. I’m held in place to witness the sinking sun paint the sky with shades of glory, and to see how even the slightest passage of time shifts the sun to soften its glare, blending the landscape into colors with no name. 

It’s in this moment time stands still, and my mind begins to wonder…What if the sun gathered up all of our light throughout the day just so it can reflect it back to us at sunset? What if all the goodness we exchange with the land and one another is our offering of light to this grand give and take gesture?  What if we realize that we aren’t insignificant spectacles, but a collection of divine radiance that belongs to something greater? Maybe then we might honor this gift of light we each possess and share it graciously with the land and one another, while we live within the borders of time and sunshine.