Park it!

Park it already…So tell me when was the last time you visited one of our National Parks? Did you know there are over 59 parks and many more designated parkways and historical sites right in our own backyard? Of course we know of the great landmarks like the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, Yosemite in California, or the Great Smoky Mountains in my home state of Tennessee but what if I let you in on a little secret…what if I told you that there are some other cool National Parks that nobody knows, well at least until they read all about them. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and appreciate all that nature has to offer for a fun getaway then venture beyond the norm and check out some of these lesser known parks that just might satisfy your appetite for adventure. Think of it like going to your local community theatre, sure there are the big productions that come into town or that you go see when you visit the big city but often times the smaller less publicized shows you find just as enjoyable. Recently I’ve been following the National Parks e-news and I stumbled upon the “the places nobody knows” directory that provides insight into 25 not so famous park adventures. The directory shares highlights of the park and relates it to one of its bigger park siblings along with what you may experience in that particular park. So rather than plan for that big road trip, check out this great resource for your next retreat, you just might be closer to a National Park than you knew. Visit the National Park Service  along with the National Park Foundation online to explore more interesting park facts, find helpful travel tips and be sure to subscribe for the informative e-newsletter and free downloads including “the places nobody knows” 


I can’t wait to hear about your “Park it” adventures. Will you Go Big, go small or stay home?


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