Take me out to the ball game…

Play Ball

It’s baseball season! Who knew there could be so much excitement in what can be such a slow moving game. Just watching my hometown little league team play their final game last night in the Little League World Series is an example of that excitement. You just never know what’s going to happen at any given moment in a game, whether it is an errant throw, a surprise hit, or a questionable call on a play. This unpredictability can swing a game in either direction from inning to inning which makes it well worth the watching. Having grown up playing sports and appreciating the lessons that sports can teach in those formative years, I’ve also had the privilege to watch my children and grandchildren enjoy these sports influenced life lessons too. Baseball is an ultimate team sport, where it isn’t just between a pitcher and a batter who make the game, you have fielders, runners, coaches and umpires all who have an integral role to play.

Baseball is such a great spectator sport because there are so many things to pay attention to at once. As a spectator you get to be an active participant whether you are playing umpire by making your own calls, a surrogate team member in sharing the spirit of sportsmanship with your comrades, acting as coach by shouting your play tips or cheering on your favorite players while you partake in a feast of hot dogs, warm pretzels, peanuts and a refreshing beverage. Spending a day at the ballpark can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors while your competitive senses are sure to be entertained. The fascination with baseball in our country goes back many generations and will hopefully continue through many more by fostering the spirit of this sport through Little League teams in our communities.

These Little League organizations in our hometowns provide kids such an enriching opportunity to learn how to work as a team while encouraging critical thinking skills about strategy and developing their athletic abilities. The camaraderie shared with teammates and the valuable instruction learned from coaches and parents will last a lifetime providing memories they can pass on as they share their love of the game. Baseball is more than watching nine guys stand in a field waiting for something to happen, from secret hand gestures signaling the next play to absorbing all the statistic history that has evolved the game, there are so many facets to explore making it one of the simplest yet dynamic sporting event to enjoy. Even if you aren’t a sports fan and don’t understand the difference between a foul ball and a wild pitch, go ahead stretch into new territory and give it a go, settle into your seat for an all American experience behind the plate as a fan of food, fun with family or friends and take in the view of America’s favorite pastime.


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