Enjoying a Labor free day


Taking the day off can be a challenge for the self-employed but nonetheless but it is a little easier to tell the boss you’re taking it off anyway without risk of getting fired. This holiday typically marks the end of summertime and the gateway into football season. Back in my childhood days it used to mean we were heading back to school, however that’s not the case these days since many schools have already been in session for weeks. And just like most holidays they bring cause for retailers to headline Labor Day sales and specials for consumers to spend their hard earned wages on their noted day of reprieve. There are plenty of restaurants and establishments that carry on in the business as usual mode which means that some people are laboring on this Labor Day holiday for our benefit. Staying true to holiday fashion there is a menu to consider, enjoying some of our favorite fares on this holiday in America with an afternoon cookout on the grill, whether it is hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecued chicken and ribs along with your favorite side dishes, any time there is an opportunity to gather friends and family is a reason to celebrate. So whether you spent the day off or on the clock, I hope you can appreciate the intention behind it all as a day of rest in honor of labor, there is gratitude for both as we look forward to another work week. Happy Labor Day to all!


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