Turning over an old leaf…


The season of autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. Luckily I live in a region that boasts a bouquet of vibrant colors and hosts one of the most magnificent places to experience this season to its fullest, the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Growing up in the desert of Arizona, part of my reason for relocation had to do with experiencing the array of seasons this part of the country has to offer. Of course I still appreciate my desert roots that has its own beautiful landscapes especially the northern region of Arizona where the high desert knows when it is time to fall into the fall schedule but for the most part the autumn desert of my past was painted with neutral earth tones and slightly cooler temperatures exhibiting its own way of saying hello to a new season.

One of the reasons this season is so special is because it represents a catalyst for change, forget New Years as the time to make plans and goal setting, fall is the perfect time to assess your own personal growth and begin to shed parts of your life that have lived out their season. Whether you use this time to get your finances in order before the busy holiday spending season, or begin to incorporate a more healthy routine to help you stay on track during the feasted holidays, getting a jump start on your goals for the coming year is the perfect time to join in this evolution of change. Since it is also known as harvest season, you can begin to harvest your own intentions and visions for your future. Allow this time of transformation to help you get started on new projects by changing old habits into new habits before you find yourself too tired like a dried up leaf beginning to fall. Let this time of transition reveal your true colors preparing your own growth transformation into another season in your life. Embrace the change, allow it to unfold at its own pace and join the exhilaration of letting go and quiet anticipation of what is to come. Revel in the spirit of autumn the season of release and expectation.


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