a Writer’s life

typeWriting a book is easy, it is the marketing that’s a challenge or is it writing a book is a challenge, selling it will be easy. Whichever statement you agree with they both hold their own truth. It certainly takes a sometimes monumental and conscious effort to actually create space in your day and commit to writing, getting started can be the hardest part in becoming a writer but once you take that first step and start tapping away, the words somehow find their way onto the page. Soon you’ll discover that starting and stopping is all a part of the process but at least you’ve jumped the gigantic hurdle in getting started. The idea of being a writer seems to be a dream job to so many people and I’ve often wondered why? Is it the appeal of solitude during the writing process, the thought of achieving best seller status, having your work of fiction turned into a movie? Perhaps aspiring writers that have never jumped that first hurdle think of it as the perfect job where you can work from home, leisurely on your own schedule while lounging in your pajamas all day long, as you feverishly try to keep up with your fingers as they hit the keyboard because the storyline is moving at lightning speed you can hardly keep up. Oh how ideas seduce us into simple thinking, there is so much more to being a writer than those scenarios we’ve imagined. I am by no means claiming to be an expert of the ins and outs of a writer’s life frankly because there is no such thing, there is no set formula on what the day’s routine should look like in living a writer’s life. What may work for one writer may not work for another, and writers write for different reasons, some people write for income, some people write for achievement, others for entertainment and some because they have to, which is where I fall into as a writer, I simply have to. Writing to me is like breathing, although each and every breath we take is no less important than the next the same can’t be said for writing but that doesn’t stop my need to write in order to feel alive. Writing saves me; it is my refuge, my counsel, my outlet, my whipping post, my way to communicate to people and my way to express what I truly think and feel. It may be read by others or kept for my eyes only; either way the writing lives on its own not requiring outside validation. If you are a writer I want to ask you, why do you write? Or if you dream of one day calling yourself a writer I want to ask you why don’t you write?


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