Tis the season…for fun

summer funWhat do writers do for fun? They read of course, or do they write? This is certainly true for us writers who love the solitude of writing and enjoy the stream of flow as the story begins to take shape. But seriously or not so seriously what does fun look like in a writer’s life? Does it take a conscious effort to step away from the page and venture out into new experiences? So many questions make me wonder how my fellow friends in the writing world incorporate fun into their lives. For me, it actually takes as much time, effort and commitment to step away from the keypad as it does to get in gear to write. I’ve even noticed that not unlike the population of people who are addicted to their devices and social media, I am never more than an arm reach away from paper and pen which is part of what prompted this idea to take a reprieve from writing. At least to create some space for “fun” that comes in some other form than words, so I guess that rules out watching Wheel of Fortune.

The timing is perfect as we enter the season of summer aka the season of fun. When the sunny days and warmer temps call us to take part in all it has to offer from outdoor adventures, sharing spontaneous laughter to the unexpected. So here’s the challenge and I hope you’ll join me, what is one thing that takes up most of your time and attention? Got it…Ok now go ahead and give it a well-deserved summer break. It’s time to switch it up, shake up the routine, try something new, meet someone new, let your hair down and make some fun happen. Don’t think on it too much, just pick one thing that keeps you busy or preoccupied and decide that you are going to take some time off and go on vacation, not literally but mentally, that’s right pretend you are on vacation from your routine that habitual cycle of certainty. It may not be easy at first but don’t make it any harder than it is, just make a decision to stop the norm and start a new norm. I know easy for me to say but hey I’m going on this trip with you too. I’ll leave room to write my weekly blog entry though after all you want to see how it’s going right? But I promise I will still find a way to release from my writing obsession and let summer fun find its way into my days. I’m confident it will make me a richer writer to experience life beyond the screen and I hope you’ll share with me too as we jump into the pool of summertime fun. Hey maybe we’ll even discover the answer to the question. What do writers do for fun?


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