Stepping out to step back in…

Nature blog3Making waves and stirring up the status quo is what it took for me to answer last week’s post “What do writers do for fun?” So I made a go of it, by stepping away from the writing routine to venture out and find my way to fun, which for me involves simply being outdoors. As I was strolling along my nature trail I realized that the whole idea of “fun” is subjective isn’t it? My version of fun may not come close to your version of fun, some people need physical activity to experience fun like playing a sport or boating or skiing and some people can have fun by being a spectator watching a sport or going to a live concert. Whichever activity falls into your definition of fun, I’ve discovered how important it is to the writing life to factor in some aspect of fun every now and then. By doing so, you spur creativity that brings in a fresh perspective once you return to the pad ready to write, even if it starts out by writing about the fun you had.

Just for the fun of it this past weekend, I stepped into my fun zone, taking in the sights and sounds of nature. This is where I was able to silence the mind chatter long enough to enjoy what was right in front of me, the trail, the canopy of trees, the water snake slithering through the creek current, the birds chatting back and forth, the goats in the far off field, dogs barking at passersby, and the spray of the waterfall that helped guide me back home. That was fun, my little day venture, as simple as it sounds, getting out into the open spaces of nature is just another writing tool I use when the wheels of creativity get stuck. Stepping out, so I can step back in. stepping out nature


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