How to get out of the block…

Block The beginning of a writer’s life can be the hardest and the easiest…the hardest part is actually making your way to the paper, creating the space in time and committing to the process and the easiest part is you just have to stop the excuses and start tapping away, I know not as easy as it sounds but in some ways it’s just that simple. Before long you’ll begin to find your groove and set a routine for your writing practice, but one day something strange happens, you begin to feel the walls of procrastination creep in. I’ll write my next blog post tomorrow, I think about that later, I promise I’ll do this by the end of the week, until it’s the end of the week and the page is still blank. Yep that is what happened to me, it’s the end of the week and the post I was working on didn’t feel right no matter how much I tried to make it work, it just wasn’t happening. So here’s my writer’s block solution, go find another creative outlet. Do you enjoy painting, doodling, dancing, or photography? Dive into something else to loosen up the creative muscles and that’s just what I did, I jumped into my photo gallery and selected a few shots of my stepping out venture the other day and brought them to life for you.
Natures Art
This twisted vine sculpture caught my eye in how easily nature can create its own works of art.
Just for fun – Can you find the turtles sunbathing?
Lake view
Enjoy your creative journey and do a little doodle dance…


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