Silencing the competition

It begins with a thought, an idea, and sometimes a quiet discomfort, where a desire within rises to the surface inviting you to envision a new life. Then you either dismiss the thought with a million excuses or put it off as a fanciful idea but in time without expectation it comes back around again whispering, remember me? What do you think? Why are you ignoring my invitation…how about it…let’s do this! You think about it throughout the day and begin to entertain your new guest called desire. That is the beginning of change, where we consider replacing what is with what could be, all the while keeping the company of our desire at a safe distance as we carry this idea of change to ourselves.

Consider how this all began with a thought to introduce change into our lives and then another thought enters to prevent any notion of change. How powerful our thoughts can be, they can be encouraging and supportive or discouraging and destructive, and we get to decide which ones we want to follow. Change can be so hard to accept and yet so easy to get lost in confusion and indecision once we allow this conflict within to take over our peaceful sanity.

Silence this competition I say! Face the ongoing battle of words within with a smile as you watch the opposition voice all its excuses and reasons you should leave things alone, saying there is no need to disrupt this life you’ve come to know. However desire is resilient and cannot be knocked down by details and distractions of the logical mind. It thrives to stay alive until it is allowed to reveal its purpose, no matter how much resistance tries to prevent it from coming to life, it will not go quietly.

Discovering our deepest desires is a process that evolves as we begin to take steps toward realizing our dreams. It can start simple, thought by thought, step by step to build confidence in our own ability, trusting our intuition and honoring a part of ourselves that so often gets silenced by the loud and persistent mentality that thinks our way through life.

Change doesn’t have to be so difficult, if we can learn to quiet the constant noisy mental chatter that makes us think any idea of change has to be challenged. So let’s stop competing with ourselves, let the pros and cons have the floor for a bit, and then open some space for desire to step in and have its say. Remember who is in control, you! You can take charge of this battle.

I hesitate to use the word battle because it doesn’t have to be so contentious, although it certainly feels that way. However if we release the urge to fight and be open during this process, sometimes the resistance has its own purpose to serve and protect us, so allow all of it to pass through, rather than engaging in the conflict. We can take charge by observing, listening, and directing how much time we let the resistance stick around and then honoring the silent sacred space that is calling for our attention. Fostering that seedling of desire with care while recognizing resistance for what it is, most likely fear and self-doubt, will begin to nourish the idea of allowing something new into our lives.

Listen to the call within that is inviting you to set out toward new adventures, to stretch your boundaries and live more fully; it’s up to you to decide which thoughts to follow. Change starts with a thought, honor that for the spark of creativity it is, then decide how you will RSVP to the invitation.


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