Start. Stop. Start. Stop

Starting BlockFrom start to finish to start. Getting started on a new project is certainly exciting and full of momentum, the juices begin to flow and we fall into our groove rocking along on our creative adventure, but then as we dive deeper into our project we begin to question the direction and seek out a destination. Where is this taking me and when do I get off this creative train? When do we know when we are finished with one idea ready to switch gears and move onto another project?

I’m a serial innovator, I can come up with ideas and new beginnings all day long, it is the execution and commitment to those ideas where my weakness shines through, knowing when the path is complete or incomplete. Should I let it go so it can simmer in its own creative juices for a while or move onto the next best thing? Sometimes when I get to what may feel like a stopping point I begin to release my grip on its perfection and say ok it’s time to release (kind of like this blog post). You are on your own now, I’ve done my part to set the stage it’s your time to shine and if I keep tinkering with you I know that I’ll mess you up into something you weren’t meant to be, like a hovering parent who holds her children too close. Have a little faith, set them free and give them space to come into their own, allow them to fly.

Every ending offers a new beginning. As soon as we embrace the ending of a project we open up space for another opportunity to create again by pouring yourself into something new. These moments are inviting us to set our projects free. They may need some support from time to time but they really need us to accept their time of completion by knowing when to let them live on their own without constant interference. The finish line of one project can be the starting block (which sounds like an oxymoron) to embark on another idea journey, to begin the creative process all over again. Life and art do imitate each other, they are both a continual process of start and stop, capture and let go, ebb and flow.

Letting go of the old and welcoming the new can be an invigorating process, and believe it or not you can teach an old dog new tricks, it’s just hard for that old dog to learn to let go of the old tricks. Stay inspired to the possibilities that live in new beginnings, the sparks of creation that keep things growing, tap into what has been silent for so long, wake it up, nurture it, practice it, love it and watch it grow. New life is always available once we learn to let go of what is finished and start paying attention to what is calling us to bring it to life.

Here’s to getting started or stopping or starting again…wherever you find yourself in the creative game.

Starting Block — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


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