Creating Objections… Fear less!

I have a tremendous respect for fiction writers who have the ability to take us into our imaginations with their remarkable gift of crafting interesting characters, weaving fantastic stories into visual worlds by using words written on a page. The dedication to show up and commit to the process of allowing the story to unfold on its own and not being afraid to let it take over the logical mind is an art in itself. Yet at some level we all deal with some measure of fear when we approach our own writing, fear of not being good enough or not having an audience. The only way to answer that objection is to answer why do we write? Are we really writing for approval anyway?

Removing the validation factor from the equation of success releases our fear of being judged. Creating with intention and being honest in our writing as we craft our own beautiful stories brings forth the courage that is required to create any work of art.

When we marvel at a true “work” of art, we are appreciating the dedication it took from the artist who committed to creating something from nothing and the courage to explore through that creativity.

It is the simplest and purest form of sincerity when we offer our gifts from the heart, where fear has no place. There is no fear placed in the words – in the stitches – in the paint – in the click of the camera so why should we add it to the piece later. Fear is an illusion that we create in thinking we have to satisfy the masses.

The next time you begin to feel that ole fear rising, remember this isn’t a life or death situation if you put something out there that doesn’t appear to be a success you will be ok. Like beauty, success is in the eye of the beholder. You determine how success is measured. Is it by starting and finishing a project, maybe your work inspired a smile or perhaps that quilt brought someone warmth, your painting reminded someone of home.

Let’s stop creating the fear factor into our works and be brave to create with purpose through our commitment and application where fear has no say other than goodbye I am not welcomed here.


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