Creating Objections…Money

So you want to be a writer, a painter, a songwriter, a dancer, a quilter, or a creative entrepreneur but you just don’t have enough time, confidence, or money?

All that creative energy lives within us waiting for its chance to surface once we decide to get out of the way of thinking our way through it. Creativity is an evolution process not a thought process but yet we try to bottle it up as a commodity to market and sell for some monetary value for our efforts.

Does it have to be that way though? Can’t living a creative life mean we appreciate the gift of creativity in each other and honor those gifts by creating that which calls to be created. Is selling for profit or receiving an award the only reward? Why does it have to be all or nothing? This mindset is one of the biggest obstacles keeping us from pursuing art, not having enough of something. Enough already! Create your art for the sake of creating your art, for that alone is enough.

The true value of art is immeasurable because it belongs to the eternal.

Money – Does working on your creative project cost money or is it the perception that if I leap into living the life of an artist then I will have to learn to be happy hungry? Living a more creative life doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and create art all day every day, where you don’t worry about paying the bills and life is just peachy because all you do is create your art. Let’s get real here, is that really the life you want to live anyway? After all your then your creative pursuits would become your work and too much work…well makes Jack a dull boy, right? Again it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

The practice of committing to your art should not have a price on it, sure there may be sacrifices to make, perhaps cutting some other expenses that also happen to take up your time and money hindering you from working on your craft anyway. But honestly to bring more creativity into your life it shouldn’t cost a thing.

Think about it. We can create new schedules, new living spaces, new relationships, new opportunities, new ideas, new habits that don’t cost a thing. The act of creating anything doesn’t have a dollar sign attached to it nor should its perceived value determine whether we pursue it or not. If I was inclined to paint a picture of a beautiful sunset outside my window, would I not paint it because I thought I couldn’t make a living of it, of course not, and so I paint it anyway mainly because I enjoy painting sunsets and then secondly hoping that perhaps I can share this gift of painting sunsets with someone else who enjoys looking at sunsets.

There are some real solutions to all these creative objections we use. We can let go of the notion that if we can’t make a living off our art then why bother or if one person says its ugly then why bother or it’s just not a priority right now but maybe someday I will. Don’t let these creative objections continue to prevent you from opening the door to your creativity.

The real reward for producing great art does not fall upon the magnitude for acceptance but rather the gratification we get by creating something from that part of our being that seeks to connect us with others, that sacred place within waiting to come to life through our creative practice….and that is priceless!


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