January Remembers

The chilly desert morning is still and eerily gray, hungover in a fog from last night’s rain

A swollen saguaro steadies its quenched self into place, while the dew teases the creosote bush to cling to every remaining drop before the rising sun steals it away

Every morning the same glint of light breaks open everything new

New, yet the same as yesterday the sun rays stretch out to wake up the desert, rising high to cast a spell upon the land

All this makes me wonder if January remembers the distant season of summer that hoped for cooler days, or the whisper of an autumn wind carrying its tune through the fallen leaves

Does January remember the wonder of her novelty?

Where nothing is known, yet everything is expected

Where we embark to let go of yesterday, start again, only to look to tomorrow

Does January remember that we’re kept frozen under some secret spell of promises

Quiet and reserved we face each other, waging a battle we needn’t fight

Anxious and discontent, we look over her shoulder for something to move us forward, but January makes us wait and settles us, until the uncomfortable places become comfortable, protecting and preparing us for growth we didn’t ask for

Subtle and demanding is her resolve to still us, as much as we wish she wouldn’t, hours of nothingness surround us into a reluctant surrender, making us yield to the subtle will of being

The standard of her days will quietly transform our stubbornness into acceptance, nourishing a simple seed of gratitude hidden somewhere beneath our complaints

January remembers to illuminate the horizon, shifting light upon shadows, again and again, showing us how persistence wins, melting our edges into another day of light

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