Time to Saunter

Initially, I thought it was her desert warmth pulling me back, but I’ve discovered it is more than that, it is the warmth of her people and those Western ways of a simpler way of life. Where the pace of the day charms you into slowing down, and people say Hello and greet you with a genuine smile. Lending a hand in every day moments, living as if kindness is their purpose.

Sitting in a café, I can hear the tales of the day, neighbors talking over their morning coffee, a table full of fellow readers, discussing their latest read. Their chatter is soothing to my soul, and for a moment it silences my own internal chatter. There is a season for everything. I know for sure that this static pace of life would have been too much stillness for me in my younger years, but now after decades of living the city life, the desire to slow down led me to consider living in a small town.

There is something familiar here, a faint memory of a past dream, to live in a simpler time, a place that I thought no longer existed in today’s world. Where parades, rodeos, and the annual Christmas tree lighting are events that bring the community together. What’s lacking in nightlife, or those big consumer driven retailers, is matched by beautiful desert vistas, plenty of trails to explore on foot or horseback, and a night out under a blanket of stars, experiences those city folks don’t get to enjoy anymore.

Change takes time, regardless of how much it is welcome. It’s been three months now living in a small town, and even though my restless soul still yearns to wander, I’m adapting to embrace the slower pace. The desire to strive and achieve is adapting too, although I’ve already imagined some new ideas to bring to this town. Time will tell if we are meant to be together, taking things slow is the best way to get to know each other, so I’ll continue to saunter along the trail, taking in the land and its people, as if it is my purpose.