Ribbon of Hope

There is a ribbon that runs red, white, and blue across the land
That ribbon is part of the fabric that unites us as a nation
Where blue skies long to lead us toward liberty and freedom
But what does all that mean if we can’t stand close enough to each other’s differences
Our brotherhood has been trampled on and separated by independence
Freedom of thought and interpretations have brought us back to battle
Are we able to let freedom ring if we can’t stand the sound of the bell’s toll?

We celebrate our independence with our united front on display
While our contempt for any variance has soiled the sweet smell of freedom
Threads of honor and respect hold that ribbon together, if we could only do the same
While we take celebration for all that has been sacrificed, let’s consider our own sacrifice
Laying down our arms with one another, so we can reach for the stripe of peace that binds us all