Creating Objections – Time…Overruled!

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This is the first of several common creative objections people use when asked about their creative endeavors.

Time – there’s just isn’t enough of it. You may feel this way too, there’s just not enough time to devote to my creativity on a full time basis so I won’t bother. But does it have to be all or nothing? What if there is a way to devote fully to your artistic projects by making a decision to do so and working within the time you have. SO you only have thirty minutes late at night to work on your project then devote yourself fully to those thirty minutes. Consider other ways to create during your busy day, even if it may not be the ideal time space you envisioned, that doesn’t mean you have to give it up altogether or punish your life for not being able to devote more time being creative.

If being creative is that important to you then you will create the space. It is about priorities and perhaps right now in your life there are other pressing priorities and your creative life has a smaller piece of the clock but that also doesn’t mean it has to suffer or be silenced, you can still find ways to fill your creative glass without feeling half empty. Once you decide to open up space in your busy calendar by re-prioritizing and making room for your creative projects you will have countered your first objection. Then surround yourself with other creative folks who are encouraging and supportive especially when you feel those creative objections surface.

There is no perfect storm for any artist – the conditions – the finances – and time allowance are always a factor.

If you still think that somehow if you just had enough time then you could become a full time artist, you are missing the whole point in that you still have to commit to the creation. There will always be some form of objection we create to try to stop our creative process, some distraction that says not now, but it is up to us to overrule those objections by showing up anyway and start creating.

That’s the solution to any creative objection – make it a priority – create the space – doing the work will silence the objection. Letting go of the notion that if we can’t do it full time then why bother or that someday we will have more time to be creative are all flimsy excuses that keep us safe from opening the door to creativity.

Your creative muscles are ready, they don’t care about your excuses, in their view this is do or die to their livelihood. They want to practice through commitment, to explore and experiment. This is what enjoying the creative life means, to honor your muse, create with intention, have fun with the process, try new things, collaborate, let go of expectations and trust the evolution in developing on its own without interference of perfection. When we realize that we have the ability to create the life we want, and begin to pay more attention to the choices we make with our time filled days we are well on our way to creating new life. As writer Sarah Selecky says in this article “Choice is creativity. Making choices about life is making art out of it”

To live more creatively means just that, to live more creatively throughout your day. We are amazing creative beings that crave to be open to see new possibilities and seize them. It’s time to start creating our art and stop creating objections.

Stay tuned for Creating Objections Part 2 – Fear

Saturday Night is Live!


Music, the other universal language that can bring us together in the rhythm of life. This past weekend there was so much music to devour in this city called Music City U.S.A Nashville, Tennessee that whichever music genre is your favorite you could feel the pulse of drumbeats in the air sending waves of energy through the people dancing in the streets. From country great Willie Nelson, that graced the outdoor riverfront stage, to pop superstar Lionel Richie that was entertaining just a block away to a packed indoor arena. The concert scene is definitely alive and well and certainly nothing new to the music business model. From the old-time rock and roll bands that can still fill arenas to a slew of newcomers with a pocket full of talent that carry a new generation into the scene.


Whether you like the toned down version of an indie artist sitting with his guitar sharing songwriting stories and playing tunes in an intimate setting or maybe you prefer the full out head banging sound infusion with stimulating visual effects while surrounded by ten thousand of your closest friends, it all revolves around the music that moves us. Whatever temperature you like your music, there is plenty to go around that will satisfy your musical appetite. One of the many reasons this city has developed into such an entertainment destination is because there’s a little something for everyone. Of course we are known for our country music roots but as genres have evolved over the past sixty years so have the audiences. People want variety and this town certainly has the menu. With such musical diversity you are sure to find the language that speaks to you, so if you are a music lover and want to sample a taste of different music styles make plans to hit the streets of Nashville. Of course there may be a slight southern accent lingering in the air but you will find that this town speaks to all audiences through its language of music.