Following Summer

There’s no way around it, to move beyond the horizon, you must travel through the vast terrain in between, where you are and where you want to be.

With Spring peeking through the desert landscape, blossoms of color blot out the distant memory of winter. Warm blankets of sunshine begin to warm her bones, drying her skin even more.

Hope lives in Spring, where life debuts all the possibilities hidden beneath. Dwelling in this season is brief, as short lived as a desert rain. But I cherish it anyway.

Soon enough the heat will rise into its peak season, soon enough I will move into that vast terrain in between, hiding from its wrath.

There is room for us both, the dream of beyond and the knowing of place, chasing horizons and finding home. Each season keeps me intrigued with its new beginning and ending, circling back, until there is no longer a horizon, following Summer.