Throwing Shade

The roadrunner glides across the crusted desert floor, whirling dust through his deceitful “X” crossed tracks, leaving his predators to decide whether he’s coming or going. A master illusionist, escaping the trappings of his environment.

While the Palo Verde tree cowers underneath the blistering illimitable sky, throwing slivers of shade against the sun-seared landscape with its wispy pointed needle leaves. Summer, the Westerners winter escape to hide in any place of refuge that will bring elemental relief.

Endurance becomes our coat of arms. Weathering the tenacious heat, we long for any reprieve under those shadows cast out for our protection. Exposure can be a brutal bully, so we move fast or seek shelter to soothe our weary souls.

Gliding and hiding, we manage to maneuver our way without a map to guide us, holding on to what we know or will come to know until another changing landscape will shift our focus from endurance to surrender. Throwing shade upon the path we took to get there.