The Nature of Summer

The summer ocean is fresh – unfazed from the rotating sun

I can feel its playfulness moving wherever it must go

The only test it endures is from man’s ignorant influence

The ocean holds its secrets deep, inviting the fearless to discover them

Fluid and full, it longs for nothing, abundantly self-sufficient

The rains return what it may have lost, reciprocity is its saving grace

There is none other to compare


The summer forest is calm – furtively connected to its own

A sacred reprieve to those who are invited in

Treading upon its wisdom I hear the songs of my ancestors

To slow down, listen, and feel my way toward home

There is none other to compare


The summer desert is bronzed with a hazy coat of dust for sunscreen

I can feel its plight, the tenderness of its surrender,

not in its battle against the heat, but unto itself

Calling all its will to live one more day

Brittle branches reach out to the heavens, there is no wilted spirit here

The desert is the fiercest of the fittest, resilient in its resolve to survive

It doesn’t complain about its conditions, it knows it has no choice,

there is no effort so futile than to complain about one’s own nature

Crisp to the touch, the creosote bush holds onto its sweetness

awaiting the kiss of the monsoon rains to release its sensual scent

There is none other to compare