Forgiveness of the Dust

Forgiveness of the dust, being whipped by the wind

Relentless, in its fury to hold its own

Weary of its restless journey it settles upon the land

Its dusty stain coats my skin, and grits my teeth

Seeping deep into my soul in its filthy way

Breathing calm upon my own restlessness

Some days the dust blown landscape clouds my perspective

Sweeping away tiny particles of any remaining sanity

Forgiveness doesn’t come today; yet I keep coming back for more

Watching the winds of change etch scars across the land

I long for its capricious mood to brush against me

Shifting me in a new direction

Whittling me down to the bone, like the weathered canyon, deep and raw from years of erosion

Resistance tries to catch the wind, where acceptance offers a promise of hope

In the end, Nature will have its way

Refining my edges, as I tender forgiveness of the dust.