February Knows

Why the clouds hover over the mountains in their dramatic way

Showing up late to the party with showers of snow from last month’s forecast


February knows the squeeze of being the middle child of the season

Laboring in-between wondrous Winter and the birth of Spring

Second to none, shortest of days, there is no celebration here

Only a short-lived mention of love that draws us closer for a day


February knows her days are numbered

Yet she lingers like an unwanted guest who’s overstayed her welcome

February knows we’ll soon forget her intolerant cold presence

Discarding her like a dead tree, watching her burn into ash


Acceptance and forgiveness are weaved into our days

Will all our wants and needs buried in our frozen bones

February knows that our longing never ends

Yet we huddle together like distant bedfellows, keeping warm under the covers of night

Where the stars hold our secrets and sleep is our refuge from the distance between us


We wait for the morning dew to disappear into our memories

Until we can no longer resist what is

Then just as we begin to see the days stretch into more light

She’ll test our resolve with one more blasted chill


We carry all this into our days, trudging step by step, day by day

Until Spring comes marching in and all will be new again

Then we’ll glance over our shoulder with a slanted smile knowing what February knows